New! ADRP International Stewardship Awards

ADRP is excited to announce the launch of the inaugural ADRP International Stewardship Awards (ADRP ISA’s). The ADRP ISA’s have been established as the premier awards program recognizing excellence and outstanding accomplishments in donor relations. Following and expanding the model established by the successful introduction of the ADRP Film Festival, the ADRP ISA’s will accept nominations of excellence in 3 key categories:

A fee of $25.00 will be charged for each entry. Each category will be judged by a panel of 5 donor relations colleagues and industry experts. The ADRP ISA’s will culminate with the announcement and celebration of the winners at the ADRP Annual International Conference each fall. 

Submissions from non-ADRP members are accepted and while we hope to see you at the ADRP International Conference in September, attendance is not required to be considered.

The deadline for submission is June 19, 2017.

2017 ADRP International Stewardship Awards committee:

Angela Altamore, Committee Chair, Kansas State University Foundation
Christine Baranoucky, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Foundation
Gian Booker, Einstein Healthcare Network
Scott Eichinger, National Park Foundation
Jen McGrath, ADRP Board Liaison, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sarah Sims, University of Florida 

ADRP Volunteer Service Award

The ADRP Volunteer Service Award recognizes a current member of ADRP who, through current and cumulative efforts, has generously contributed his or her time and energy to advance the mission of the Association and the profession. Nominees may be visible, or work “behind the scenes”; they may have done something that made others go “wow” or worked quietly over time, following through with commitments and achieving results. This award will be presented each year, at the annual conference. The ADRP Volunteer Service Award recipient is selected by the awards committee of the ADRP Board of Directors.


ADRP Founders Award

The ADRP Founders Award recognizes the highest ideals of the donor relations and stewardship profession. Recipients are individuals who, through a lifetime of work, have had a significant and inspiring impact on donor relations. The ADRP Founders Award is not an annual award, but rather, is an occasional award to recognize, in a singular way, exemplars within our field.