2018 ADRP International Conference Blog

2018 ADRP Conference Blog

Read articles from ADRP members and Conference sponsors written specially for the 15th Annual ADRP Conference!


Magic Donor Recognition

I’m often asked if our creative team at Presentation Design Group might suggest new kinds of donor recognition. Something other than plaques and pin letters, please. Each of our client friends has a special reason to hope for something novel, but there are common operational laments, too. If we could dream up a perfect donor recognition system, a broad wish list with no constraints, it might look like this:


You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Let's talk about the conference mentorship program

You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s what I tell myself when I start feeling like I understand something pretty well. But it only takes a brief conversation with someone who sees it at a higher level than me, and a window is opened to a whole layer that I didn’t realize existed.

You know the feeling. You’re sitting in a meeting with your colleagues, discussing a project. You present your thoughts. You’re feeling pretty confident. And then someone provides some nugget of insight that makes you say, “Wait. What?” Window opened.


The Second Person Pronoun with Extended Pronouncement (SPPEP) Method

I’m terrible with names.

My wife Susannah blames me but I blame my hippocampus. If you are not familiar with the hippocampus (page 74 of The Truth About Language: What It Is and Where It Came From by Michael Corballis), it’s the seahorse-shaped part of our brain that gives us episodic memory and relates our facts to our experiences.

And mine is broken.

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Up Your Networking Game with a Conference Dine-Around

The first ADRP International Conference I attended was in Memphis three years ago. The conference was incredibly informative to me, and I typed an abundant amount of notes at every session.

I was rather green then and just learning to flex my networking muscles. I'm not the type to shake everyone’s hand and offer my business card, so I felt a bit slow at meeting people. However, I did need to find dinner in the evening, and I really didn’t know anything about the city, so I signed up for the dine-arounds and picked a restaurant that look interesting.

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