April 2016

               Volume 14, Issue 4

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In Service: The Column of the ADRP President

4 Ways Matching Gifts Can Be Incorporated Into Your Major Gifts Strategy

Trying to Get Closer to Your Middle Donors? It's Not That Complicated

Stewardship as Cultivation

13th Annual International Conference

Attention CRFEs: Earn 5 Credits at the 2016 Midwest Regional Forum!

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Midwest Regional Forum
April 20

Webinar: Stewardship as Cultivation - Merging Donor Relations and Major Gift Strategies
April 28

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In Service:
The Column of the ADRP President

Julie Bostian
Director, Stewardship & Donor Engagement

Boston College

Dear ADRP Members,

The classic fund development cycle starts with identification and ends with stewardship. One of my former colleagues once superimposed stewardship over the entire chart.

It was a powerful visual and one that has stuck with me to this day. Great donor relations throughout the development cycle results in more meaningful connections and generous gifts. Many development officers I admire have put this into practice, and in stewardship practitioners, they have creative partners. This month's webinar will provide us with wonderful ideas on this front.

Like our amazing conference and regional event volunteers, the Webinar Task Force deserves our heartfelt gratitude. They do their work well in advance in order to put together a year full of interesting and diverse programming for us.

Volunteers give their time and expertise because they see the opportunity to make a difference - and each of our Webinar Task Force members has, giving us a membership benefit that we can enjoy in the comfort of our own offices.

This month also brings a hat trick of regional events, in Southern California, Chicago and Canada, on the heels of a fantastic ADRP NYC event. And it marks a successful first quarter for our dedicated and creative Hub team.

As I think of all that goes into these offerings, I am reminded of a recent definition I heard of artisans. Artisans are about craftsmanship, and creating special experiences for others.

I think that's an apt description of donor relations professionals, though I'd dare to say we also have occasional opportunities to be artists, making interesting individual contributions. This combination makes our work so rewarding.

In Service,

jul[email protected]

4 Ways Matching Gifts Can Be Incorporated Into Your Major Gifts Strategy

Adam Weinger
Double the Donation

Ask any four-year-old what their favorite meal is, and they're probably going to say one of two things: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or macaroni and cheese. Of course, there are exceptions. But by and large, every kindergartner is going to respond with one or both of these gourmet options.

There's a reason kids (and many adults) love these two foods. There's something about a winning combination of two ingredients that everyone finds appetizing.

And although your organization can't exactly eat them, matching gifts and major gifts are very similar to PB&J and mac 'n' cheese. They're basically a fundraising match made in heaven that can result in two massive donations for your nonprofit.

So grab the peanut butter and jelly or heat up some macaroni and cheese and keep reading. We're about to talk about the next big combination for nonprofit organizations.

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Trying to Get Closer to Your Middle Donors? It's Not That Complicated

Cam Shapansky
Founder & CEO
Blue North Strategies

Are you familiar with The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People?

This best-seller was published in 1998 and for a while after that, everything in business was about time management. Marketers were selling calendars as time management devices, and conference talks and seminars were all about making you a more effective time manager. It was a bandwagon that everyone simply had to be on.

The bandwagon right now in the fundraising industry is Middle Donor management.

Everywhere I go, people are talking about Middle Donors. It's the most popular talk at conferences, everyone is an expert, and every single organization is trying to figure out how to engage this high-potential group most effectively.

[Learn More]

Stewardship as Cultivation - Where Thank You and What's Next Meet

Chelsey Megli
Director of the TalentED
Bentz Whaley Flessner

A few years ago I sat down with a donor, “John.” He was two years into a $500k pledge to a non-profit, his first gift of size to this particular institution. When I met with John, he was fairly happy with the organization, satisfied that he was giving to the right place, and confident that his gift was having an impact. He was also prepared to double the size of his annual commitment and was waiting for the institution to step up and ask him for more. Because he was flagged only for stewardship, that increase in his willingness to give hadn’t been realized, and the organization had unknowingly left hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. For John, and thousands of donors like him, stewardship programs can not only effectively acknowledge and recognize giving, but also they can inspire the next gift. How? Through alignment with major gift strategy and enhancing the role and overlap stewardship has with the most critical donor stage: cultivation.

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13th Annual ADRP International Conference: Forging the Future
September 21-23 | Pittsburgh, PA

Steel yourself for an amazing conference! Our committee is hard at work forging a robust line-up of conference sessions. More information and registration details will be announced later this month!

Sponsor & exhibitor opportunities are available online. Strike while the iron is hot and secure your desired level of sponsorship today!

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Attention CFREs: Earn 5 Credits at the 2016 Midwest Regional Forum!

Mary Weingartner
Stewardship Manager
YMCA of the USA

The 2016 ADRP Midwest Regional Forum is just over a week away, and registration closes on Wednesday, April 13th! In its 2nd year, the Forum is bigger, better, and more colorful than 2015! Hosted by YMCA of the USA, you won’t want to miss a truly awesome array of talented, passionate, and diverse presenters and topics – a veritable rainbow of offerings for nonprofit professionals of all experience levels and backgrounds. See for yourself! .

[Learn more]

Regional Conferences and Workshops

ADRP regional events are popping up all over the nation this year, including the return of the Canadian Regional Conference. Take a look at what is coming to your area, and save the date for yet another way to connect and learn with your colleagues and peers of ADRP. Sponsorship opportunities are still available for many of these events! 

Southern California Regional Workshop
April 19 | California Institue of Technology, Pasadena
Register now!

Midwest Regional Forum
April 20 | YMCA of the USA, Chicago
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2nd Annual Canadian Regional Workshop
April 22 | 
SickKids Foundation, Toronto, ON
Registration deadline is Monday, April 11
Register now and explore sponsorship opportunities!

Southeastern Donor Relations Conference (SEDRC)
June 9 - 10 | University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham

Call for proposals and explore sponsorship opportunities!

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Member Guest Articles for The Hub
(We Want Your News!)

One of the many benefits of being a member of ADRP is belonging to a community of professionals that shares knowledge and experiences. In an effort to better serve our members this year, we are working to bring you content each month that is helpful, relevant, and cohesive.

The monthly theme for each issue of The Hub will coincide with the webinar topic for the month, and we want to hear from you, too! We are asking our members to send in articles for consideration for The Hub that are related to the given month's webinar topic.

Next month's topic is 9 Keys to Donor Retention.

Please share with us your best practices, experiences, successes or challenges related to this topic so we can collectively learn and grow. Articles must be received by the ADRP office by the 20th of each month. 

[Webinar Schedule]

Member Spotlight
   Name: Teresa Marks

   Institution: University of Washington, Michael      G. Foster School of Business
   Position: Director of Donor Engagement

   ADRP member for 5 years

How long have you worked in donor relations/stewardship and how did you get involved in this profession?

I have been in donor relations officially for 9 years. Prior to that, I served on a few volunteer boards and chaired the women's basketball fundraising auction for 7 years at the University of Washington, where I now work. In addition, I volunteered at events for several other non-profit organizations that support the arts and cancer research. 

 [Meet Teresa]


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