December 2015

 Volume 13, Issue 11

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In Service: The Column of the ADRP President

6th Annual New York City Regional Conference

Save the Date! 2nd Annual Canadian Regional Workshop

2 Methods to Incorporate Prospect Research Into Your Organization's Fundraising

Who Wants a Trend?

Should I Install an Interactive Donor Wall? Ask the Experts!

Member Spotlight: Leticia John

Editor's Note

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Webinar: Congratulations on Your New Role in Donor Relations! Now What?
December 17

6th Annual ADRP New York City Regional Conference 
March 11

2nd Annual Canadian Regional Workshop
April 22

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In Service:
The Column of the ADRP President

Erin Moyer
Associate Vice President of Advancement and Chief of Staff

University of Rochester, New York

Dear ADRP Member,

This is my last column as ADRP president. It has been my privilege to serve you and our profession. It is fitting that as we count down the days of the calendar to ring in the 2016 New Year, that this issue of The Hub focus on emerging trends in stewardship and donor relations.

The future for ADRP and our profession is bright. As an organization, we have seen membership expand, programming grow, attendance increase, and as a profession, we have witnessed a growth in industry coverage. Career paths in the field are exploding and so are consulting firms with services focused solely on donor relations and stewardship. It’s likely others will continue to flock to our field, as research findings about “gratitude” being good for your health continue to make headlines. If you needed more proof on the benefits of being in this line of work, make sure you read the Newsweek article “5 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude” to learn the benefits your chosen career path can also have on your health.

This vibrant and generous community of professionals is full of talented individuals that help drive ADRP and the profession forward. You are in good hands with Julie Bostian of Boston College, who will serve as ADRP’s President in 2016, and the ADRP Board.

I am delighted to congratulate our recently finalized new slate of Directors, including incoming board member, Jessica Veitch of the Mt. Sinai Hospital Foundation, and Ashleigh Manktelow of McGill University who will stay on the board for a second term. Congratulations also to Jeff Muller of World Wildlife Fund who will serve as Secretary/Treasurer, and Kathleen Diemer, CFRE, George Mason University, who will be President-Elect in 2016.

Thank you for the honor and privilege, and I look forward to continuing to serve ADRP and the profession.

In Service, always,


6th Annual New York City Regional Conference 

March 11, 2016
Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York City

Come together with donor relations and stewardship professionals from both inside and outside the greater NYC metropolitan area to network, get inspired, and learn about best practices within our profession.

Sponsor and exhibitor opportunities are available for this sell-out event. You are encouraged to sign up now as a sponsor or exhibitor to secure your desired level of sponsorship. We've added a few new ways for you to get involved, too!

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Save the Date! 2nd Annual Canadian Regional Workshop

April 22, 2016
SickKids Foundation, Toronto, ON

The 2nd Annual Canadian Regional Workshop will be held at the SickKids Foundation in Toronto, ON. Join us to learn and connect with fellow donor relations and stewardship professionals from the US and Canada. 

Sponsor and exhibitor opportunities will be announced soon.

 2 Methods to Incorporate Prospect Research into Your Organization's Fundraising

Sarah Tedesco
Executive Vice President, DonorSearch

A post as brief as this one will not even be able to scratch the surface of the multitude of ways prospect research can be incorporated into your fundraising.

However, what we can do is focus in on a few key strategies. This article, in particular, is going to look at how prospect research can inform your donor stewardship practices.

Prospect research, especially given its name, is often thought of as a technique to employ during donor acquisition. While it’s true that prospect research can be an invaluable tool in scouting for strong giving candidates, it is equally true that prospect research can help you get to know your current donors better and keep them around longer.

[Learn more]

 Who Wants a Trend?

Julia Emlen
Principal, Julia S. Emlen Associates

Why would I care about what is trending in stewardship and donor relations? What constitutes a trend, and what is it about a trend that would make me want to bring one home with me? Am I on the cutting edge of a trend or woefully behind the times, stuck several trends back? Should I grab onto a trend; should I hold back to see if the trend has staying power? What makes a trend worth adopting? What will I have to give up to go with the flow of a trend?

A friend of mine says that a bargain isn’t a bargain unless it’s something you need, and it can be had for a good price. Can the same be said about a trend? Do I need something that is reflected in a trend, and can I get it for next to nothing? Or is a trend something that is revelatory of a need I didn’t know I have and that makes me shout “Aha!” or “Eureka!”

In approaching the latest trends, I’m going to begin with an assessment of what I have now, and what I might be in need of. As I look around my stewardship and donor relations domain, I can say that I need a way to do more with less. Is there a trend that would help me index my work so that I would have a better sense of how to prioritize my assignments? Sort of like an Apgar score for donor relations.

[Learn more]

Should I Install an Interactive Digital Donor Wall? Ask the Experts!

Dianne Dyslin
Associate Director of Stewardship, Clark University

Interactive digital donor walls* have become increasingly popular in recent years, and many of our readers have been asking themselves if they should go down this road when installing their next recognition system. This is not a simple question and there are many factors to consider. In order to offer guidance with making this complex decision, ADRP asked some of the leading vendors of donor recognition signage systems to provide their suggestions and caveats for how our members should approach this issue.

The comments below are a compilation of feedback generously given to us by Richard Baum, President, W&E Baum; Erik R. Dressler, Principal, Exhibit Division, Mitchell; Evelyn Flock, President & CEO, 1157 designconcepts; Anne Manner-McLarty, President and Lead Consultant, Heurista; and Rebecca Jamison Phillips, Vice President Division Sales, Honorcraft. We are deeply grateful to them for their time and participation.

[Learn more]

 Member Spotlight: 

Leticia John

Institution: HelpMeSee

Position: Donor Engagement Manager

ADRP member for one year 


What is your greatest donor relations/stewardship achievement?

There are so many types of “wins” as a donor relations professional. Some are direct and others are indirect. My “greatest wins” are when you introduce or cultivate a prospect, who had little or no interest in your cause, and over time they become your organization’s greatest champion. It takes strategy, good communication, and consistency to empower your organization to develop meaningful relationships with their donors and friends. I hope my greatest achievement is yet to come.

[Meet Leticia]

Editor's Note

Julia Emlen’s article Rounding Out the Year in the October 2015 issue of The Hub generated a lot of discussion among the editorial board. The questions she raised about best practices, creative practices, and effectiveness led to this month’s polling question. We would really like to hear from others in the profession, and encourage you to take a look at her article and share your thoughts on the questions she raised. You may find yourself taking a closer look at your own work and consider how it is that you navigate or have had to navigate, your program’s development and effectiveness.

Feel free to share your own insights at [email protected], and we will share this feedback in the January issue.

Happy Holidays!


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