Welcome to the Association of Donor Relations Professionals!

11th Annual ADRP International Conference

Thank you to all of the attendees, sponsors and exhibitors who made the 11th Annual ADRP International Conference our largest yet!  See you next year in Memphis!

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12th Annual ADRP International Conference
September 30th - October 2, 2015
Memphis, TN

Welcome to the Association of Donor Relations Professionals, the internationally recognized professional development organization for donor relations and stewardship practitioners.  ADRP also welcomes among its members fundraisers interested in building stronger relationships with donors and companies who provide goods and services to further the work of organizations seeking philanthropic support.  While ADRP is relatively new, having been founded in 2004, its growth and reach reflect the increasing importance of fundraising to the nonprofit sector.  In fact, organizations are recognizing that the basic tools of donor relations – gift acceptance, gift acknowledgment, donor recognition, and impact reporting –need additional strategic thinking and programming to help keep donors deeply engaged and giving.  As the bar of donor expectations continues to rise, organizations can look to ADRP to provide timely, fresh, actionable, and effective best practices for those whose job is to interact with and respond to donors in cost-effective ways.

It is my pleasure to serve as president of ADRP.  As the profession evolves, ADRP continues to ask about and respond to the needs of its members and our profession.  This informs our decisions regarding the programming and services we offer that provide value to our members.   We are committed to helping them identify and define the significant role their donor relations and stewardship efforts plays within the fundraising industry.  Please spend some time exploring the site and learning about what we have to offer you and your organization.  Please feel free to contact the office at office@adrp.net with your questions or comments.

Best regards,

Nancy Lubich McKinney, President
Association of Donor Relations Professionals
Executive Director, Donor and Gift Services
University of California, Berkeley