ADRP Volunteer Opportunities and Committees

It takes a team to help ADRP succeed. Throughout the year, ADRP's events and programs require dozens of volunteers to manage content, attendee experience, marketing, and more. Thank you to all of the generous volunteers who help ADRP thrive!

Interested in Volunteering with ADRP?

ADRP is dependent on volunteers to thrive. Our volunteers began this organization in 2004, ran all aspects of operations until the staff was hired in 2011, and now continue to create and manage ADRP programming.

We want it to be easy to volunteer for ADRP; we want you to enjoy the time you spend in service to the organization; and we want our volunteers to encourage others to participate in this great organization.

We are proud of all of our past and current volunteers. Learn more about our volunteer committees below.

We are always looking for ADRP members who are interested in volunteer opportunities. As a volunteer, you help ADRP meet our mission of serving donor relations professionals, while gaining professional experience and a strong network of peers in the field. 

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2020 ADRP Committees

We are currently recruiting volunteers and building out committees for 2020! If you're interested in volunteering for any of the committees listed below, please indicate which committees you are interested in when you complete the volunteer form. Simply select "Annual International Conference" from the list of opportunities, and enter which committee(s) you prefer. 

  • ADRP/AASP Best Practices Committee
  • Blair Scholarship Committee
  • Digital Education Committee
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • International Conference Committee
  • International Stewardship Awards Committee
    • Events Judging Sub-committee
    • Digital Video Judging Sub-committee
    • Digital Other Judging Sub-committee
    • Impact Reporting Judging Sub-committee
    • New Program Judging Sub-committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Regional Committees
  • Volunteer and Member Experience Committee
  • Webinar Committee

ADRP/AASP Best Practices Committee

Brie Aguila, Board Liaison
Katie Kallmyer, Chair (ADRP)
Necie Steward (AASP)

Blair Scholarship Committee

Jackie Chagnon, Chair
Nicole Gabler
Cheryl January

Digital Education Committee

Angela Altamore, Board Liaison
Kirsten Lavin, Chair

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Antoinette Cobb
Scott Eichinger, Board Liaison
Vanessa Harmon
Micah Hyle
Louise James
Mitra Keykhah

[email protected] Planning Committee

Gina Galluppi, Chair
Amy Metcalf, Co-Chair
Mark Lanum, Board Liaison

Marin Amundson-Graham
Vanessa Harmon
Kirsten Lavin
Roberta O'Hara
Eliza McNulty
Debbie Meyers
Nicole Shepherd
Jacquelin Weber

International Stewardship Awards Committee

Angela Altamore, Board Liaison
Jessie Finley, Chair

Research Committee

Cheryl Lintner, Board Liaison
Kelly Brennan, Co-Chair
Katie Kutney, Co-Chair

Sponsorship Task Force

Jessica Veitch, Board Liaison
Nikki Gear, Co-Chair
Samantha Sanchez

Volunteer and Member Experience Committee

This standing committee is responsible for enhancing the ADRP volunteer experience and in assisting in the development and maintenance of the volunteer pipeline. Along with tracking, evaluating, and enhancing the volunteer and member experience for ADRP, this committee also oversees and administers the ADRP mentorship program.

2020 Committee:

  • Kelly Batstone, Chair
  • Keri Kallaway, Board Liaison
  • Danielle Stackus

Webinar Committee

Angela Altamore, Board Liason
Molly Paugh, Chair
Kevin Wilson
Sara Ring
Lori Johnson

Thank You to Our 2019 Committees:

ADRP/AASP Best Practices

Katie Kallmyer, Co-Chair
Necie Steward, Co-Chair
Kristen Batten, Board Liaison

Blair Scholarship Committee

Jacqueline Chagnon, Chair
Lana Clark
Cheryl January
Brittany Johnson
Suzanne Mercier
Jennifer Mobilio

Digital Education Committee

Angela Altamore, Board Liaison
Kirsten Lavin, Education Chair
Lauren Shoor, Engagement Chair
Molly Paugh, Webinars Chair
Danielle DeWitt
Marian Johnson
Stefanie Rubin
Brie Wilson

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Keri Kallaway, Chair/Board Liaison
Antoinette Cobbe
Micah Hyle
Louise James
Mitra Keykhah

International Conference Committee

Mary Weingartner, Chair
Nöel Schiber, Co-Chair
Carrie Casper, Co-Chair
Joni Jordan, Co-Chair
Bridget O'Leary, MarCom Co-Chair
Amanda Barbeau, MarCom Co-Chair
Roberta O'Hara, [email protected] Chair
Michal Shaw, Board Liaison
Mark Lanum, [email protected] Board Liaison

Paige Amick, Attendee Experience
Tony Stringer, Attendee Experience 
Emily Brorby, Attendee Experience
Kristin Kellom, Content 
Katie Brayden, Content 
Elizabeth Stewart, Content 
Kris Vasquez, Content 
Tracey Dhani, Content
Analisa Gama, Content
Caitlin Foster, Content
Jo McCourt, Content
Brittany Johnson, Content
Nancy Lubich McKinney, [email protected]
Jeff Muller, [email protected]
Christian Nelson, [email protected]

International Stewardship Awards Committee

Debbie Meyers, Chair
Jessie Finley, Co-Chair
Scott Eichinger, Board Liaison

Events Judging Sub-committee
Kelsi Jones
Melissa Geisler
Clare Mikhail

Digital Video Judging Sub-committee
Corey Smentek
Kerri Stancil
Debbie Meyers

Digital Other Judging Sub-committee
Katie Bampfield
Kris Vazquez
Nicole Villanueva

Impact Reporting Judging Sub-committee
Carol Wilkie
Kim Johnson
Jessie Finley

New Program Judging Sub-committee
Debbie Meyers
Jessie Finley
Sarah Spiegel

Nominations Committee

Eliza McNulty, Chair
Michal Shaw, Current Board
Scott Eichinger, Current Board
Julie Bostian, Past Board Member
Lori Green, Past Board Member
Gian Booker, General Member
Jason Polasek, General Member

Regional Committees

Rebekah Nowak, Co-Chair Midwest
Sarah Kalsbeek, Co-Chair Midwest
Joanna Riester, Midwest
Holly Biagioli, Midwest
Katharine Gingrich, Midwest
Analisa Gama, Midwest
Caitlin Foster, Midwest
Katie Kutney, NYC
Kelly Brennan, NYC
Aimee Clark, NYC
Sasha Deieso, NYC
Kate Jankowski, NYC
M. Nayeli Garcia Mowbray, NYC
Stephanie Lamphere, NYC
Cheryl Lintner, NYC
Susan McCormick, NYC
Melissa Malebranche, NYC
Jennifer Williford, SEDRC

Sponsorship Task Force

Larysa Gradeck, Chair
Jessica Veitch, Board Liaison
Samantha Sanchez
Ann Dingman
Domenica (Nikki) Gear

Volunteer Committee

Megan McAndrews, Coordinator
Keri Kallaway, Board Liaison