Establishing Meaningful Measures of Success for Donor Relations and Stewardship: Evidence-Based Practice Mode
Session 3D

Wednesday, October 3 | 1:30–3:00 PM

Presented by: 
Anne Manner-McLarty and Debbie Meyers

Session Description: 

Metrics is a hot topic in almost every field. Measurement models have been established for monitoring the work of frontline fundraisers, but the search for similar metrics for donor relations and stewardship is still in the early stages. Only a few organizations are legitimately underway in their quest to implement a metrics program.

Participants in this session will consider the prerequisites, likely impediments, and possible varieties in the structure of a metrics program specific to donor relations and stewardship, and then work in small groups to draft a metrics plan specific to donor relations. Reference tools and a worksheet for structuring the planning of a metrics program will be provided to guide this work. The plans will be shared within the session, and if all goes well, may be published in The Hub so that others may share in what we learn by doing this exercise.

This session is 90 minutes long and will be fast-paced. Participants will be asked to think fast, work within a team, and share with the room. We’re seeking those already underway with donor relations and stewardship measurement activities and those looking to learn in order to launch a metrics program.

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About the Speakers:


Anne Manner-McLarty
Lead Strategist

Anne Manner-McLarty is managing editor of the Journal of Donor Relations & Stewardship and lead strategist for Heurista, a consulting firm providing donor relations strategy and donor recognition program planning. Anne has been an active member of ADRP since 2005, having served on the ADRP board 2012–2014. She is a frequent webinar and session presenter for ADRP and other professional organizations.


Debbie Meyers
Senior Director, Donor Relations and Stewardship
University of Maryland

Debbie Meyers is senior director of donor relations and stewardship at the University of Maryland. Previously, she was director of donor services at Carnegie Mellon University for eight years, where she oversaw donor relations, stewardship, events, and gift documentation. At the University of Florida Foundation, as director of stewardship and donor relations for nine years, she served as a central resource to more than 45 development officers at 20 colleges and units. She is a founding board member of the Association of Donor Relations Professionals.