2018 Conference Social Media Photo Scavenger Hunt

Experience the 15th Annual ADRP International Conference through social media! This scavenger hunt will be a way to meet other attendees and share your experiences.

Complete the following tasks on Twitter using the hashtag #ADRPconf as well as the corresponding task hashtags by 7:30 PM on Thursday, October 4. Winners will be announced on Friday morning at breakfast! 

Please see below for rules and prize information:

The Prize:

One FREE YEAR of ADRP membership. 

The Rules:

  • Your Twitter account should be public and you should be a follower of @ADRPtweets
  • Post your photos to Twitter with the hashtag #ADRPConf and the task-specific hashtags listed next to the photo topic
  • Each photo can only count for one item
  • Have fun! Use this opportunity to notice, play, and engage
  • Be creative with your shots
  • Please tweet @ADRPtweets if you have any questions about the Photo Hunt.
  • In order to qualify to win, all 10 photos must be submitted by 7:30 PM on October 4, 2018
  • The qualifying person with the best photos (to be voted on by a committee) will be announced as winner at breakfast on Friday, October 5, 2018

*Important: Please do not post any photos of other individuals without obtaining permission first.

Once you've posted all your photos, make sure to submit your information so you can be eligible to win the grand prize!

Submit the Scavenger Hunt Eligibility Form

The Photos:

  1. Photo of a platinum or premier sponsor booth  |  #ADRP18plat or #ADRP18prem

  2. An element of the Keynote Sessions with Reverend Starsky Wilson, Emiliana Simon-Thomas, PhD; or Penelope Burk  |  #ADRP18keynote

  3. A St. Louis landmark  |  #ADRP18stlouis

  4. Photo with the 1157 Blair Scholar booth  |  #ADRP18blair

  5. Photo of the exhibitor floor  |  #ADRP18exhibs

  6. Photo of the most innovative service or product that you saw on the exhibitor floor  |  #ADRP18innovate

  7. Take a selfie with an old friend and a new friend  |  #ADRP18friend

  8. Take a picture of your notes or a picture of the session with a quote or a slide that was meaningful to you  |  #ADRP18sessions

  9. Take a photo of your favorite element of the St. Louis Union Station Hotel  |  #ADRP18hotel

  10. Share your favorite photo from the conference  |  #ADRP18fave