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Session 4E

Wednesday, October 3 | 3:30–4:30 PM

Re-imagining Storytelling in an Ever-Changing World

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Belief is uniquely human and is the bedrock of our greatest ideas and institutions. Join Mythos CEO Jon Budington as he explores the role stories play in creating belief and how to harness their power for your cause.

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About the Presenter:

Jon Budington



Mythos is software that helps you tell the right impact story to the right person at the right time by making the process of gathering, curating, and sharing impact stories much easier. Mythos enables this by giving you a central database to store your impact stories with an integrated, customizable survey creator, and editing, proofing, and organization tools that allow you to customize the workflow. Our suite of complementary services helps make your nonprofit impact storytelling more effective by connecting your Mythos impact stories on a one-to-one basis with what you know about your audience to create communications that are personally relevant to each member of your audience—be that existing donors, prospective donors, alumni, students, or corporations.

The Names Were Changed to Protect the Innocent

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45 buildings.
325 floors.
10,000 pictures.
1 million steps.

Funny stories, embarrassing moments, and powerful lessons we learned while we gathered your inventory of recognition assets and discovered campaign funding opportunities.

Whether you are a team leader who needs strong working knowledge of recognition practices, a recognition expert, or a newbie, you will learn best practices to prep, enact, and document a comprehensive, searchable inventory of recognition assets. A solution for all kinds of budgets.


About the presenter:

Anna Carlson
Client Advisor

Andrew Pickering
Partner and Owner
Presentation Design Group

Andrew Pickering is a partner and owner of Presentation Design Group (PDG), an environmental graphic design/build studio that has served fundraising shops for three decades. PDG works with hundreds of development offices and foundations each year, designing, making, and installing donor recognition systems using architectural materials and digital technologies. 

Andrew’s clients regard him as a trusted ally in their fundraising work, and he’s gathered a library of best management practices in our industry. His experience has especially honed his professional empathy for the work of donor relations professionals. His expertise can make complex ideas crystalline for dynamic, mission-based teams.


For decades PDG has applied its artistry and passion to the mission of philanthropy, creating architectural and interactive recognition displays and plaques. We design intentionally to strengthen your donor family and move others to support your important work. Professional empathy for your complex responsibility inspired us to create giftmap, a dynamic data and mapping tool to help you plan and manage funding opportunities and recognition inventories across the campuses, buildings, and floors of your organization.