The "Secret Sauce" to Creating Best-in-Class Events
Session 6E

Thursday, October 4 | 12:30–1:30 PM

Presented by: 
Mary Fisher and Katherine Lane

Session Description: 

Conference attendees will learn about the various kinds of events planned and executed at the University of Notre Dame, including campaign events, cultivation events, executive events, and stewardship events. Each educational institution, hospital, and non-profit has the opportunity to create their own “secret sauce” with events by creatively celebrating traditions, re-imaging current practices, and providing highly personalized experiences for benefactors.  

In this session, attendees will learn how Notre Dame seeks to leverage elements of personalization, spontaneity, and innovation across all types of events to drive further philanthropy to the University. Please plan to bring your own examples of specialized events and questions for a shared dialogue regarding best-in-class experiences after the formal presentation.

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About the Speaker(s):

Mary Fisher
Sr. Program Director, Special Events and Stewardship
University of Notre Dame

Mary Fisher, Senior Program Director, Special Events & Stewardship, has served the Department of Development at the University of Notre Dame for the past eight years in a variety of capacities. Throughout all positions held, she has been responsible for recognizing donors, demonstrating appreciation, communicating the impact of giving, and creating unique Notre Dame experiences. Mary has a bachelor's degree from Notre Dame, and recently completed the University's Master of Nonprofit Administration program.

Katherine Lane
Sr. Director, Special Events and Stewardship
University of Notre Dame

Katherine Lane, Sr. Director of Special Events & Stewardship, and her team are responsible for stewarding university donors and for planning and executing hundreds of Notre Dame experiences each year. Within the Department of Development, they are responsible for recognizing donors, demonstrating appreciation, and communicating the impact of giving. Katherine was also responsible for all the marketing collateral and stewardship associated with the Spirit of Notre Dame campaign, which was completed in 2011. A 1992 graduate of Saint Mary’s College, Katherine earned her master's of science in administration from Notre Dame in 2000. Her most recent project, in connection with the University's 175th anniversary, was the Notre Dame Trail. Katherine has more than 20 years of experience stewarding donors.