Taking Care of Everyone at the Top: Individual Stewardship Plans and Personal Stewardship Tracks
Session 8A

Thursday, October 4 | 3:30–4:30 PM

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Cheryl Lintner

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Do you have hundreds of major donors, i.e. “the top” of the gift pyramid, who are not in the current pipeline, but who will be in the future? You want to keep them happy and engaged so they say yes to that next gift; but how can you steward everyone when the pool is so large? At Meridian Health Foundation, we piloted two initiatives to tackle this challenge: individual stewardship plans and personalized stewardship tracks. Using both, we now steward all of "the top" in a personal way. This session will help you overcome that hurdle of “too many donors, not enough resources,” and instead demonstrate how to create individual stewardship plans that are truly custom for x-number of donors at the (very) top, and personalized stewardship tracks that trigger simple, easy touches for everyone else at the top—together giving all your major donors the care and attention they deserve.

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Cheryl Lintner
Director, Donor Relations
Meridian Health Foundation

Cheryl Lintner started her development career in 2008 in a small nonprofit based within a healthcare institution. In 2010, she moved to donor relations in higher education at Rutgers University, then in 2013, returned to healthcare to develop the first comprehensive donor relations program for three hospital foundations within the RWJ Barnabas Health system. Cheryl currently leads a donor relations team responsible for six hospital foundations under the Meridian Health Foundation, part of the Hackensack Meridian Health system, where she has worked to grow a donor relations program that includes multiple recurring touches for all donors, an emphasis on major donor stewardship, and an existing, highly successful donor-patient concierge program. Prior to entering the nonprofit sector, Cheryl worked in the legal field and in academia. She holds a Bachelor's of Arts in anthropology and history from the University of Delaware and a doctorate in anthropology/archaeology from the University of California, Berkeley.