Breaking Out of the Box: Special Reports with Spice
Session 8C

Thursday, October 4 | 3:30–4:30 PM

Presented by: 
Mari Putney and Trish Morgan

Session Description: 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of custom reports that you are writing? Are they starting to sound stale? Maybe it's time to break out of the box. This session will provide you with a different view on custom reporting for major and principal donors. We'll talk about partnering with your development officers to create reports with spice, rethinking the medium of reports, and reevaluating what's best for the donor. Our goal is to create meaningful reports for our donors in order to build loyalty and trust. This session will help you think more strategically and creatively about your reporting.

Shop Size
Large Shop (11+ staff)

Experience Level
Suitable for any level

Private College/University
Public College/University

Donor Loyalty
Individualized Stewardship Plans
Major Donors


About the Speakers:



Mari Putney
Stewardship Portfolio Manager
Stanford University

Mari Putney started her career in nonprofit in 2011 at the Philadelphia Orchestra. In 2013, she moved to Colorado where she worked at the American Indian College Fund and then the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. She resides in California, where she is a stewardship portfolio manager for medical center development at Stanford University. She believes that providing donor-centric stewardship to passionate donors that support innovative programs will change the world. Mari has a bachelor's degree from Old Dominion University and a master's degree from Drexel University.

Trish Morgan
Director, Stewardship
Stanford University Medical Center

With more than 20 years of development experience in educational and nonprofit environments, Trish Telesco Morgan brings an inquiring mind and an avid curiosity to all aspects of her work as director of stewardship for medical center development at Stanford University. Trish supervises a team of 12 professionals who are responsible for stewarding major and principal gift donors giving to the Stanford University School of Medicine and the Stanford hospital. With an early background in academia, in the field of rhetoric and communication, Trish is particularly interested in the challenges and rewards of deeply donor-centric stewardship. Her history as a frontline fundraiser, development writer, and power user on several donor database systems informs her donor relations work.