Donor Relations on the Frontlines: Collaborating with Fundraisers for Strategic Stewardship
Session 9A

Friday, October 5 | 11:00–12:00 PM

Presented by: 
Mary Fisher

Session Description: 

While strong partnerships with front-line fundraisers can elevate the profile and impact of a stewardship team and enhance the donor experience, in practice they can prove to be a rather nebulous undertaking. This session will detail how shops of all sizes can strategically collaborate with front-line fundraisers to ensure that current and potential benefactors to an institution experience gratitude for their giving, know the impact of their generosity, and as a result seek to deepen their philanthropic relationships.

Shop Size
Suitable for any shop size

Experience Level
Suitable for any level

Private College/University
Public College/University
Private Secondary school
Religious Organization
Arts Organization
Environmental Organization
Advocacy Organization
Social Services
Other Nonprofit

Donor Retention
Individualized Stewardship Plans
Moving Donors through the Pipeline
Working with Frontline Fundraisers

About the Speaker: 


Mary Fisher
Senior Program Director, Special Events and Stewardship
University of Notre Dame

Mary Fisher, senior program director of special events and stewardship, has served the Department of Development at the University of Notre Dame for the past eight years in a variety of capacities. Throughout all positions held, she has been responsible for recognizing donors, demonstrating appreciation, communicating the impact of giving, and creating unique Notre Dame experiences. Mary has a bachelor's degree from Notre Dame, and recently completed the University's Master of Nonprofit Administration program.