Maximizing Resources and Relationships to Build a Sustainable Stewardship Reporting Program with Reach
Session 9C

Friday, October 5 | 11:00–12:00 PM

Presented by: 
Diana Pupillo and Mary Hendricks

Session Description: 

Finding the right balance between quality and quantity when it comes to stewardship reporting can be daunting. Come learn about how we created a stewardship reporting program that reduced the number of individual reports while broadening its reach to mid-level ($1,000-$50,000) and annual donors (<$1,000) and allowed for highly personalized reporting to our major donors.

We will talk about utilizing priority-specific reporting, how we actually increased the number of donors reached while decreasing the number of reports written, what the reports look like, and the importance of a skilled story teller on the team. Our new reporting system has led to a new way for our team and gift officers to engage with clinical partners and build relationships by providing an outlet to tell their stories. Discussion with the audience will invite them to share their challenges faced and cultivate creative solutions for others looking to steward their mid-level and annual donors.

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About the Speakers:

Diana Pupillo
Stewardship Manager
The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Diana Pupillo is the stewardship manager at The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital, where she has worked for almost three years and oversees a senior writer. Her primary objective when she started was to create a formal stewardship program for the foundation. Diana has been in stewardship for nine years, starting her path in stewardship at a hospital in Boston before moving back to her hometown of St. Louis. She has worked in development for more than 13 years, in both large and small shops.


Mary Hendricks
Director, Philanthropy Operations
The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital

A love of meeting new people, finding connections, and common ground that make the world smaller brought Mary to the work of philanthropy. During her 23 years in the field, she has had responsibility for frontline fundraising, stewardship, and donor relations, as well as “back room” operations—the full spectrum of engaging philanthropy. She gained expertise in healthcare philanthropy during nearly 17 years at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO, and the last four years at The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. She has a keen understanding for the technical aspects of fundraising and has learned firsthand about building relationships from the donors and physicians with whom she has worked.

Her relationships have taught her that finding a connection is at the heart of engaging philanthropy—and the most important part of connecting is genuinely caring.