Entrepreneurial Relations: The Next Frontier of Donor Relations
Session 9F

Friday, October 5 | 11:00–12:00 PM 

Presented by: 
Dee Dee Mendoza

Session Description: 

With entrepreneurship increasingly a core priority across higher education, universities need to understand the unique engagement and stewardship needs of the donors who support innovation programs—and of the alumni who benefit from them. Some schools have begun to explore a new model of engagement and philanthropy (the founders pledge) to cultivate support from alumni whose wealth is built in the startup sector. A highly integrated model, this concept involves multiple areas of advancement, and connects donors to the institution in powerful ways. This session will explore the basics of the model, with emphasis on the emerging "entrepreneurial relations" aspects.

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About the Speaker:


Dee Dee Mendoza
Dartmouth College

Dee Dee Mendoza has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and led the teams that launched the Dartmouth Founders Project and the Berkeley Founders Pledge. With this presentation, you will come away with a few simple, powerful concepts to guide your own brainstorming, as well as tactical ideas that you can put to use right away.