Keynote | Leading UP

Thursday, Sept 22
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


David Woods will provide a unique perspective on how you can Lead UP to those above you as well as those around you. He will share commonly misunderstood tools of executive leadership, how to master your trade as an organizational leader, and tangible steps in becoming an artisan of inspiration for your organization. 

As a leader, you will learn how to grow a team around you that knows how to increase their capacity so that management can stay more strategic and lead with less stress. As an employee, you will learn the nuances and specialized Leading UP skills to become a trusted and highly valued right-hand employee whom leaders want to promote. This is not leadership cheerleading. You will gain real world knowledge to apply immediately.


David Woods

As CEO of GiANT Partners, David is passionate about building organizations that thrive. David is an expert in strategic facilitation, executive development and coaching, with over 30 years of building high-growth organizations.

Early in life David was voted “shyest boy” in high school. However, his years of national and international experience have provided him opportunities to learn the art and skills of building long-term executive relationships. Inspired by these interactions, David authored the book “The Art of Networking… Beyond the Handshake,” and is a sought-after speaker on this topic. David is currently co-authoring, “The Master Executive,” in which he brings to light the critical tools and skills of being an executive others want to follow.

Notably, David is the former CEO of Ditch Witch® Construction Equipment. With more than 1,600 employees and 140 dealers in 40 countries, the company is the world’s largest manufacturer of underground construction equipment.

David is also a frequent keynote speaker at business conferences and universities on the topics of building businesses that thrive and Master Executive insights.