ADRP Conference Mobile App

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  • Attendee list  Download a full attendee list
  • Personal messaging – Enjoy direct peer messaging with other conference attendees.
  • Board roster w/photos – Meet the current ADRP Board of Directors.
  • Speakers – See all the conference speakers & their profiles.
  • Social media – Check out ADRP's Facebook and Twitter feeds.
  • Personalized schedule – Add your session selections directly to a personalized schedule to track where you want to be throughout the conference.
  • Notes – Take notes during sessions directly into the app – you can download them later to your computer!
  • To-do list – Create a list to track everything you want to do throughout the conference.
  • Session surveys – Give real-time feedback on sessions and presenters. A high-level survey about your experience as a whole will be sent after the conference wraps up.
  • Live session polling – Experience live polling in a handful of sessions for deeper engagement from the audience.
  • Notifications – Access all conference notifications like room changes and session updates. If you missed the push notification, you can always view it in your mobile app Inbox.
  • Photo album feed – Share photos that you take throughout the conference.
  • Interact – Use our interactive wall, similar to Facebook, to comment about conference highlights and share photos.
  • Maps & diagrams – See a layout of the hotel and session rooms.
  • Weather – Be prepared for whatever the Pittsburgh weather has in store.
  • FAQs – Consult our quick and easy frequently asked questions about the conference.
  • Safety & emergency – Review this list of hotel safety procedures in case of an emergency.
  • Dine-around sign-ups – Add your dinner selection to your schedule to secure your spot!  Each restaurant is listed in the schedule just like a session.  If for some reason you are no longer able to attend, please remove it from your schedule to open up that spot for another attendee. Interested in acting as a host for a dine-around? Email us with your dine-around preference at [email protected].
  • Exhibitor passport program – Visit each exhibitor and use your mobile app to scan their QR code. With each QR code that you scan, a piece of the passport program message will appear. Visit all the exhibitors to see the entire message and enter your information to be entered to win prizes on Thursday!
  • Exhibitors & sponsors – Learn all about the services and products that our exhibitors have to offer you. Check the schedule for exhibitor demos during breakfast on Wednesday and Thursday to learn more about what they offer!
  • Exhibitors/sponsor "contact us" form – Want to contact a vendor directly? Just fill out the feedback form tied to their listing in the app.
  • Website version – Use a web version of the app, available here:


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