ADRP Volunteer Opportunities and Committees

It takes a team to help ADRP succeed. Throughout the year, ADRP's events and programs require dozens of volunteers to manage content, attendee experience, marketing, and more. Thank you to all of the generous volunteers who help ADRP thrive!

Interested in Volunteering with ADRP?

ADRP is dependent on volunteers to thrive. Our volunteers began this organization in 2004, ran all aspects of operations until the staff was hired in 2011, and now continue to create and manage ADRP programming.

We want it to be easy to volunteer for ADRP. We want you to enjoy the time you spend in service to the organization, and we want our volunteers to encourage others to participate in this great organization.

We are proud of all of our past and current volunteers. We are always looking for ADRP members who are interested in volunteer opportunities. As a volunteer, you help ADRP meet our mission of serving donor relations professionals while gaining professional experience and a strong network of peers in the field.  

 2024 ADRP Committees

We are currently recruiting volunteers and building out committees! If you're interested in volunteering for any of the committees listed below, please indicate which committees you are interested in when you complete the volunteer form.

Blair Scholarship Committee

This committee reviews applications and selects recipients of the Sheryl A. Blair Scholarship awards. The Sheryl A. Blair Scholarship was established in 2007 to honor the memory of former ADRP board member Sheryl Blair. It annually provides up to ten stipends of $1,000 each to newcomers and experienced professionals in the donor relations/stewardship field to cover expenses associated with attending the ADRP International Conference. Committee members are encouraged to attend the conference when possible to welcome recipients and serve as a resource throughout the experience.


This committee is responsible for exploring, testing, and securing content for ADRP’s education components.


  • Holden Scheidel, Co-Chair
  • Mary Weingartner, Co-Chair
  • Katie Kutney, Board Liaison
  • Analisa Gama, Board Liaison

Fundamentals Task Force:

  • Holden Scheidel, Chair
  • Andrea Olson
  • Katie Kallmyer
  • Leslie Zornow
  • Paul Haymon
  • Rebecca Geragosian

Fundamentals Subcommittee:

  • Holden Scheidel, Chair
  • Ann Dingman
  • Jenn Papenfuse
  • Brittany Hoffman Smith
  • Nicole Rodriguez
  • Jill Forehand
  • Tracvi McBee Rowe

Webinar Sub-Committee:

  • Jamie Dixon, Chair
  • Sara Ring
  • Amber Countis
  • Lori Johnson
  • Mary Kenyon
  • Blythe Knnedler
  • Jonathan Reyes
  • Holden Scheidel

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee


The DEI committee works toward a more diverse and inclusive representation of members, presenters, and programs across ADRP. Committee members promote a culture of action, dialogue, collaboration, and inclusion among ADRP members by partnering with a broad range of internal and external partners.


  • Vanessa Harmon, Co-Chair

  • Louise James, Co-Chair
  • Analisa Gama, Board Liaison
  • Scott Eichinger
  • Katy Galli-Kreps
  • Jenny Herstein
  • Mitra Keykhah
  • Emma McMahon
  • Veronica Roman
  • Andrew Waldner
  • Cheryl Smith Lintner
  • Kelly Batstone

2024 International Conference Committee

This committee crafts the annual international conference, which brings colleagues of all experience levels from around the world together to share new ideas and expertise, challenge norms, network, mentor, and leads the way in our profession. Opportunities include selecting and building session content; creating experiences for bonding, service, and enjoying the local culture; and promoting the conference through marketing and communications.


  • Mitra Keykhah, Board Liason
  • Kimberly Karol, Chair
  • Dawn Green, Vice-Chair
  • Megan McAndrews, Attendee Experience Chair
  • Libby Dissauer, Attendee Experience Co-Chair
  • Liz Lauersdorf, Marketing Chair
  • Carl Lockrem, Marketing Co-Chair
  • Keelin Schneider, Sponsorship Co-Chair   
  • Sam Sanchez, Sponsorship Co-Chair  
  • Leticia John, Content Chair
  • Amanda Halbert, Content Co-Chair

2024 International Stewardship Awards Committee

ADRP has established the International Stewardship Awards (ISAs) as the premier forum for recognizing excellence and outstanding accomplishment in our field. Members of the International Stewardship Awards Committee are responsible for, among other things, soliciting submissions and recruiting members of the different judging subcommittees.


  • Scott Eichinger, Board Liaison
  • Kimberly Johnson, Co-Chair
  • Dena Scott, Co-Chair
  • Amanda Arpe
  • Kelley Board
  • Susan Cole 
  • Jamie M. Dixon
  • Gillian Kennedy
  • Blythe Kneedler
  • Abby Leverenz
  • Nancy Masterson-Newkirk
  • Paige Morris
  • Kris Vasquez

The Marketing and Communications Committee, including the sub-committee of the Hub Editorial Board, serves to build a broad and positive awareness of ADRP and its programs and services to the donor relations community while encouraging participation, collaboration, and open dialogue through:

  • Keeping ADRP members apprised of activities and resources and/or ensuring they know where to find them
  • Elevating and strengthening ADRP’s brand and visibility across philanthropy (emphasize our brand, reputation, and stature)
  • Attracting and retaining new members

Marketing Committee

• Carrie Flood, Co-Chair
• Corey Smentek, Co-Chair
• Marian Johnson, Board Liasion

Social Media Team

• Gracie Herbert
• Amy Massimo
• Nancy Masterson-Newkirk
• Megan Pratt

Hub Editorial Board

• Marcelle Austin, Editor
• Suzanne Bellanger, Associate Editor
• Rachel Humphrey, Associate Editor

Nominations Committee

This committee solicits nominations from the membership for the Board of Directors and presents the slate of nominations to the Board in preparation for board elections. This committee is chaired by the immediate past president of ADRP and includes two to four additional board members, and two to four additional representatives from the ADRP membership, with a maximum of six members who are invited to participate by the committee.


  • Cheryl Smith Lintner, Chair
  • Scott Eichinger, President-Elect
  • Mitra Keykhah
  • Kristen Batten
  • Marcelle Austin
  • Joelle Brown
  • Jonathan Reyes

Regional Committees

Every year, ADRP volunteers host regional events as a way to bring together donor relations and stewardship professionals to network, inspire, and learn about best practices within the profession. Regional events are held in various locations around the United States and Canada, serving as a platform to connect with professionals locally. Members of the different regional events committees are responsible for planning and executing their region's event, which can be as simple as a networking coffee or happy hour or as complex as a full regional conference, and everything in between.

Midwest Regional Committee Members:

  • Alexa Cottrell, Co-Chair
  • Analisa Gama, Board Liaison

Northeast-MidAtlantic Regional Committee Members:

  • Stephanie Lamphere, Co-Chair
  • Mitra Keykhah, Board Liaison

Southeast Regional Committee Members:

  • Sara Moïse, Board Liaison
  • Caitlin Strother, Chair
  • Kendra Tircuit
  • Amber Yancey
  • Flora Fox
  • Lisa Mackel
  • Stephanie Martin
  • Kaydee Self
  • Lauren Prather
  • Leighann Westfall
  • Cami Guillory
  • Stephanie Hebert

This standing committee exists to: 1) provide ADRP members with access to innovative, evidence-based approaches to donor relations that can be adapted into their own shops; 2) provide members with resources to demonstrate the value of donor relations within fundraising at large with diverse, peer-reviewed research; and 3) elevate ADRP's reputation as a thought leader in the philanthropic sector. Members are asked to join four calls annually and engage in independent and/or small group work throughout the year.


  • Sara Moïse, Board Liaison
  • Kimberly Arndts, Co-chair
  • Liz Menne, Co-chair
  • Sarah Brickman
  • Margaret Coad
  • Bethany Herrema
  • Sarah Kuenzler
  • Will Leon
  • Cody Metzger
  • Rachael Nakamura
  • Monica Priest



  • Keelin Schneider, Co-chair
  • Samantha Sanchez, Co-chair
  • Guycaelle Vaval, Board Liaison
  • Brinton Vincent
  • Hannah McKenley
  • Christian DaPonte


Strategic Initiatives Committee

View Committee Charter


  • Noel Schiber, Chair
  • Katie Kutney, Board Liaison
  • Sara Moïse, Board Liaison

Volunteer and Member Experience Committee


This standing committee is responsible for enhancing the ADRP volunteer experience and in assisting in the development and maintenance of the volunteer pipeline. Along with tracking, evaluating, and enhancing the volunteer and member experience for ADRP, this committee also oversees and administers the ADRP mentorship program.


  • Chelsea Poch, Co-Chair 
  • Jamie Dixon, Co-Chair
  • Jess Finley, Board Liaison
  • Kelly Batstone 
  • Melissa Carrera
  • Pandora Hess
  • Adrianne DeWeese
  • Nicole Justice
  • Keri Kallaway