3D | Are You Telling Your Story with a Blank Screen? Best Practices for Content Creation and Deployment for Digital Donor Recognition

Wednesday, Sept 21
2:20 - 3:20 PM

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Suitable for all levels

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The presence of flat screens is ubiquitous in retail environments, hotel lobbies, and in the halls of higher education. The application of this technology in donor recognition displays has also increased in the last decade, perhaps so quickly that we weren't really prepared to use it. 

What could be a powerful tool to communicate inspirational stories, provide beauty in our facilities and give visitors access to more detailed information has often become a black screen that no one knows how to fix. Or worse, what is shown on the screen has been there so long that we've actually trained our visitors to ignore it. 

In this session we will tell the story of how organizations have addressed this problem thoughtfully and systematically. Though their stories, we will present established research and benchmarks for optimizing your investment in digital signage and share expert solutions from many different user perspectives: 

  • the donor who will feel that her recognition is elegant and commensurate with her gift
  • the visitor who will be attracted to the display and will be moved to join your family of donors
  • you, the manager of the cohesive, dynamic content ever-evolving on the screen
  • your ancillary support teams within IT, IS, marketing, PR, and facilities - all stakeholders in this process
  • the external experts who will help you understand the options and best practices for user interface, content creation, publishing schedules, hosting, and maintenance.


Andrew Pickering

Andrew Pickering is a partner and owner of Presentation Design Group, an environmental graphic design/build studio that has served fundraising shops for three decades. PDG works with hundreds of development offices and foundations each year, designing, making, and installing donor recognition systems using architectural materials and digital technologies.

Andrew's clients regard him as a trusted ally in their fundraising work, and he's gathered a library of best management practices in our industry. His experience has especially honed his professional empathy for the work of donor relations professionals. His expertise can make complex ideas crystalline for dynamic, mission-based teams. 


Ben Golding

Ben Golding is Chief Operating Officer of Advancement Resources and Managing Partner of Mindseye Project Partners. Both organizations are operating entities of DiffStrat Companies, Inc. which he co-owns. Advancement Resources is widely recognized as the nation's leading non-profit training firm for best practices in donor-engagement.

As Managing Partner of Mindseye, Ben leads the team operations and business development. Mindseye provides donor engagement services for local, national, and international non-profits, with primary focus on capturing and celebrating donor stories through video. These inspiring stories are then shared through numerous channels, including recognition events, social media, donor walls, and other avenues.