4B | High Impact, Less Effort: The Keys to Developing a Sustainable Video Stewardship Program

Wednesday, Sept 21
3:40 - 4:30 PM

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Tempted to dive into the realm of video stewardship but too scared? Are you already producing video content but finding the time and expense unsustainable for your shop? Stop crying and leave the tearing up to your inspired donors!

Join a conversation with two video stewardship professionals and learn how you can sustainably produce compelling video programs. This presentation focuses on simple techniques and strategies for effective and realistic video stewardship that will provide you with more bang for your buck.


David Carrillo

David Carrillo is an award-winning videographer and Donor Reporting Coordinator at the University of San Francisco. David has worked in production companies in San Francisco and London and most recently worked as a freelance videographer using his affinity for pathos and aesthetics to create videos for clients including USF. In 2013, David became a full-time team member at the University of San Francisco in the Donor Engagement and Stewardship Department and currently manages the donor reporting program.


Tara Kyle

Tara is a Webby Award-winning multimedia storyteller and associate director of stewardship at Stanford University Medical Center Development. Her experience spans philanthropy, public policy, and media. She has worked on location across the U.S., in New Zealand and the Middle East. As a reporter, she has stories published at outlets including DNAinfo.com, Time.com, PBS Online NewHour, and amNY.com. Prior to Stanford, Tara created strategic development communications for the University of San Francisco.