7E | Make Your Donor Recognition Display as Solid as Steel

Thursday, Sept 22
2:40 - 3:40 PM

Suitable across all audiences

Experience Level
Midlevel (2-5 years)

Shop Size
Suitable for any size shop 

There are five questions to answer when forging your recognition display. Using these exploration questions early in the process will enhance current relationship with donors and help you keep them as donors. This presentation will highlight key questions and show how they are critical to a successful project. Learn how to gather this information within your development team, thus forging a path to alleviate stress when planning your recognition program. 


Evelyn Flock

Evelyn Flock is President of 1157 designconcepts. She began her career with VisionMark Recognition in 2000 as an account manager for the Midwest area. In 2007, she and Joe Rudy purchased the recognition division from VisionMark to create 1157 designconcepts. She has served as President and CEO since 2009 at the untimely passing of Joe Rudy. Evelyn holds a degree in interior design from the University of Illinois. Her early career as a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer seemed an unlikely path to the not-for-profit arena in recognition displays. However, both require a personal commitment and understanding to create an experience that serves the clients passion.