March 10th Webinar

Hello! Is This a Good Time to Talk? Evolution of a Donor Calling Program

Presented on March 10, 2022

Sarwat Maqbool, Donor Relations Manager, Australian National University

Session Description:

So you are a small shop with 1-5 staff and an ongoing stewardship calling program seems impossible? You think that a multipurpose calling program will improve engagement and retention - but where to start?

Or you are skeptical about the ROI of calling donors but not making an ask? In this session, we share our journey of stewardship calling program, over the last five years. Starting from adhoc calls from a staff member to a sophisticated program of new donor engagement and now to annual calling blitz.

We will explore the details of:

  • Establishing a stewardship calling program with limited resources;
  • Using success stories to advocate and harness more support from senior management;
  • What can be done for donors who don't take our calls; and- reporting and enhancements.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Establishing a stewardship calling program.
  2. Using success stories to advocate for resources for DR programs.
  3. Commitment to growth with a healthy dose of flexibility.

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