Our Mission

ADRP is the diverse community of donor relations professionals sharing education, knowledge and experience, empowering members to advance their careers and drive excellence in the field.

From ADRP's earliest days, four principles guided our founders:

  • Networking: the opportunity to find peers to exchange information, contacts, and experience
  • The Conference: an annual opportunity for donor relations and stewardship professionals from around the world to share great ideas and expertise; challenge norms; lead the way in our profession; and speak to varying experience levels, shop sizes, and institution types.
  • Prestige: recognition for donor relations as a profession
  • Inclusiveness: professionals from all over the country and the world serving education, healthcare, public sector, and all other nonprofit institutions.

Today, our vision and mission is largely unchanged. ADRP is universally recognized as the authority on donor engagement for the philanthropy profession, and eight ends guide our organization and our activities:

  • Members have affordable, high volume, high quality content, and intelligent educational resources to generate and sustain donor relationship programs, including in-person (national and regional) and online programming
  • Members are leaders in the profession
  • Members have critical networking and peer group development resources
  • Members build coalitions to increase resources
  • Members advance within the profession (donor relations and philanthropy)
  • Members are knowledgeable about the methods available to communicate the value of donor relations to decision makers
  • Members have experiences at ADRP that model how donors should be treated
  • Members receive support from colleagues and coaches in the field, have confidence in the best practices modeled, and receive resources/samples for work being done in the field