NEW! ADRP Membership Restructure

Coming January 2022

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Have you received an email from the Association of Donor Relations Professionals saying that you are in your renewal period?  Then it's time to renew your ADRP membership! Annual membership is $150 USD, and is effective for one year from the date you renew. If you haven't received a renewal period email, then hold tight! We want you to get your money's worth out of your annual membership, so we don't want to you to renew it too soon!

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Remember, there are two types of ADRP Membership:

  • Individual: covers one person, and is owned by that person. If the member leaves their job, the membership remains with the individual.
  • Organizational: covers one person, and is owned by the organization. The organization can determine which employee is the designated member, and if the member leaves the organization, the organization retains the membership.

Have questions about renewing your membership? Email [email protected]