ADRP Membership Restructure Frequently Asked Questions

Individual Membership | $185
The individual owns the membership and takes it with them to any organization

Group Membership | Varied Tier Structure
The organization owns the membership and can transfer memberships (during the membership renewal period or with a permanent staff departure)

  • Small Group (2-5 linked employees): $800 (flat fee)
  • Medium Group (Up to 10 linked employees): $1,550 (flat fee)
  • Large Group (Up to 20 linked employees): $3,000 (flat fee)

*Each group tier comes with the allotted amount of linked employees. Small and Medium groups can add one additional linked member at $185/per person; any more than that you will need to move to the next group tier. Large groups can add additional employees past their 20 allotted amount at $150/per person.

Key Terms to Learn:

Individual Membership: Covers one person, and is owned by that person. If the member leaves their job, the membership remains with the individual.

Key Contact: This is the person that can request updates to group roster and receive renewal notifications.

Email for Invoicing: This is the email of where the invoice for renewals will be sent.

Group Membership: Covers members within the allotted tier. Organizations can transfer membership slots to other employees during their renewal period or if an employee permanently leaves the organization.

Group Employee/Linked Profile: A single employee profile within the Group Membership umbrella.

Q: What's the difference between the Individual and the Group Memberships?

A: The Individual membership covers one person, and is owned by that person. If the member leaves their job, the membership remains with the individual. The Group Membership covers the allotted number of members based on the group tier you are in and is owned by the organization. The organization can determine which employees are the designated members of the group during its renewal period. If an employee leaves the organization, the organization retains the membership slot and can then designate a new person to utilize the organization's membership benefits.

Q: How do I set up a Group Membership?

A: The process is different for brand-new members and for those who are current members wanting to upgrade to a group membership:

1) If you have never held a membership with ADRP before, you can sign up through our online membership application. When you sign up for a Group Membership, you will designate a Key Contact from among the group members. The Key Contact will be responsible for updating your organization’s settings and information, as well as receive membership renewal invoices, and establish the allotted linked profiles that will be attached to your organization’s Group Membership.

2) If you hold a current membership with ADRP and want to upgrade your membership to a Group Membership, please email the ADRP office at [email protected] for further instructions. You will need to provide the group membership tier, names and email addresses for all those that will be included in the group membership, the name and email address for the Key Contact, and the email address of the person to receive future renewal invoices.

Q: Can I replace or delete linked profiles within my Group Membership?

A: Yes, organizations have the ability to replace or delete employees in and out of their allotted linked profiles (dependent on membership tier). This can be done in two instances:

1) During the organization’s membership renewal period, which is 60 days prior to your expiration date, the organization’s key contact will receive a current roster on their renewal invoice. This can be updated by sending the following roster information to [email protected]:
  • Full name of the person(s) being taken off of the roster.
  • Full name, email, and professional title of the person being added to the roster.
    • An excel roster template will be provided on our website for you to send to the office.
2) If someone permanently leaves your department or organization, please email [email protected] with their name for removal and the name, email, and professional title of the replacement.

Q: Can I transfer my Individual Membership?

A: No, those who own an Individual Membership take their ADRP membership with them, no matter who purchased it. The organization may choose to purchase another Individual Membership or opt to purchase a Group Membership.

Q: I have a Group Membership. Can I add additional linked members to the group past the allotted amount? At what cost?

A: If you have a Small or Medium Group membership and want to add only one additional staff person to the group, the one additional linked member can be purchased at the Individual rate of $185/person. If you go over one additional linked member, you will need to move to the next Group Membership Tier.

If you have a Large Group membership and want to add additional linked members, you would be charged a rate of $150/person.

Q: We have outgrown our Group Membership Tier. How can I increase my Group Membership Tier to the next level in order to include more people under our membership?

A: There are two ways to update your Group Membership Tier.

  1. Each year during your renewal period, which is 60 days prior to your expiration date, you will have the option to update your Group Membership Tier through the ADRP renewal form.

  2. During non-renewal periods, you may contact the ADRP office to upgrade your Group Membership Tier – we will invoice you for the difference in the membership fee and request information on the additional employees to add to your membership. Your expiration date would stay the same as your original group membership tier.

Q: I’d like to add another member to our Group Membership, but we expire in 6 months. Will I be prorated for the cost of the new individual?

A: No, an organization may add members to the Group Membership, but all members under the Group Membership will hold the same expiration date. We recommend updating your roster during your renewal period.

Q: How can I find out what my expiration date is?

  1. Log into
  2. Navigate to the Member Center (under the menu: Membership > My Profile > Member Center)
  3. Your membership expiration date will be displayed under the name badge and above the blue tabs.

Q: I’m not due to renew until next spring.  Can I renew now before the Individual price increases?

A: Members can only renew within their renewal period, which is 60 days prior to their expiration date.  For example, if your expiration date is March 1, 2024, or earlier, you can renew in 2024 up to 60 days prior to your expiration date.

Q: My organization already has five members, but their expiration dates are throughout the year.  How can I move them into a Group Membership?

A: When the first member comes up for renewal, you will have to renew all 5 to get the group rate, even though some people still have time on their current memberships.  

Q: How do I designate a specific person ("Key Contact") on my team to receive invoices?

A: The Key Contact for your Group Membership will receive renewal invoices for the Group Membership. Other linked profiles will receive invoices individually when they register for programs, etc. Simply indicate your preference for your Key Contact when taking the membership application or renewal form. If you’d like to update another time, please contact [email protected].

You can also identify a secondary email address for invoice payments – this person will receive the renewal notices along with the Key Contact.

Q: Rather than my Key Contact or a member of my Group Membership receiving our invoices, can I designate a finance representative to receive them?

A: Yes. You may designate an outside email address to receive your invoices as a secondary email, however, please note that if they are not a part of your Group Membership, they will not have a profile or any other membership access, and therefore not be able to login to pay the invoice online themselves. The Key Contact is still responsible for managing the roster.

Q: How can I update my personal profile?

A:  You can easily update your personal profile information by:

  1. Logging in to
  2. Navigate to the menu (Membership > Member Center)
  3. Click the “Update My Profile” button
  4. Click the “Edit” button on the top-right corner of your profile information


If you have additional questions about membership and the restructuring, please feel free to reach out to the office by calling 206-209-5298 or emailing [email protected].