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Knowledge Center

We offer a searchable archival system for ADRP members. Our Knowledge Center houses all available presentations from the international and regional conferences since 2005, governance documents from 2009 to the present, and guidelines on best practices developed in partnership with the Association of Advancement Services Professionals (AASP).

Important Note: If you would like to reuse any ADRP presentation content, please reach out to the original speaker to confirm. If you are unable to find the contact information of the presenter you're looking for, please contact [email protected].

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The Hub

ADRP's monthly member e-newsletter The Hub is an up-to-the-minute resource for organization news and events, donor relations and stewardship industry trends, and professional development opportunities. ADRP members are encouraged to share what they've learned on the job by submitting articles and sharing best practices and lessons learned with their fellow colleagues, helping each other to further advance the profession and to keep the ADRP community strong and vibrant.

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ADRP has established International Stewardship Awards (ISAs) as the premier forum for recognizing excellence and outstanding accomplishment in our field. We accept nominations for excellence in three key categories: events, impact reporting, and digital communications.

ADRP is honored to recognize outstanding achievement in the field of donor relations and stewardship through a series of annual and as-merited awards. The ADRP awards are designed to promote excellence and inspire creativity in all areas of donor relations and stewardship. 

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Industry Research

Donor Relations and Stewardship Research

As an active learning community, ADRP members share best practices, samples, plans, templates, and successes and challenges freely with each other. It’s one of the things that makes our ADRP membership unique. While there is a breadth of valuable resources for donor relations and stewardship professionals from a boots-on-the-ground perspective, it’s also important to consult resources that stem from rigorous research methods.

ADRP offers the following links to donor relations, stewardship and general philanthropic research to help you delve further into the field.

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ADRP Career Center

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