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On March 31, 2021, the ADRP listserv was retired from use. However, ADRP members can still connect with other, post questions, and facilitate discussions by using this free, members-only platform: My ADRP.

This platform offers many exciting and never-before-seen features that you are sure to love. My ADRP will serve as your hub for connecting and engaging with other ADRP members. For instance, you can:

  • Add connections on your My ADRP profile
  • Create posts within specific communities
  • Reply to others’ questions, search past topical posts
  • And show off your projects and successes.

The best part about My ADRP is that you can add your own documents and resources for others to download and view. This platform has not only replaced the ADRP member listserv, but has taken communication to a whole new level. 

My ADRP Walk-through — How to Use the Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign up to use My ADRP?

No, you do not have to sign up in order to use My ADRP. Once you become an ADRP Member, you will receive access to the platform. 

Do I have to be an ADRP member to use My ADRP?

Yes, you have to be an ADRP member to access My ADRP
Please note: If your membership lapses, you will lose access to My ADRP.  If you renew your membership during a lapsed period, you will regain access to My ADRP approximately 24 hours after payment has been received.  

If my membership lapses and then I renew, will I have to set up my My ADRP profile again?

No, if your membership lapsed and then you renew, your My ADRP profile will be exactly how you left it! However, we encourage you to keep your membership up-to-date so you never miss a beat with your ADRP colleagues and peers.

How do I access My ADRP?

You can access My ADRP a variety of ways:

Via the Home Page In the Resource Tab Through the Member Center
 Visit the ADRP Home Page to access My ADRP.

Navigate to the Resources tab in the main menu, hover over My ADRP, and click Access My ADRP.

 Visit the Member Center and locate the My ADRP button.

My ADRP Resources

My ADRP User Guide

Knowledge Center Update

The ADRP Knowledge Center was retired in July of 2021. You can search My ADRP for documents. Review the My ADRP user guide for detailed instructions on accessing the documents on My ADRP.