Now Seeking Proposals for Donor Relations Fundamentals Curriculum Development!

ADRP is seeking proposals to retain the services of a qualified individual or entity for the development of a Fundamentals of Donor Relations curriculum, with a preference for qualified donor relations professionals with curriculum development experience. The successful Proponent will create a full curriculum of four to five courses targeted to new and early career donor relations professionals (1-3 years of experience), to provide them with a fulsome, foundational understanding of the art and science of donor relations.

Working closely with ADRP stakeholders to determine desired outcome and function for this project, the Proponent will:

  • Outline benefits or challenges of different educational modalities (asynchronous, collaborative, lecture, case study, etc.)
  • Demonstrate differing methods for grading
  • Demonstrate the various delivery platforms and their benefits
  • Complete a review of content with the ADRP office to ensure technological requirements are available
  • Provide a live demonstration for key stakeholders (including, but not limited to, meetings with volunteers or membership to share delivery methods or review course content)

The successful Proponent is encouraged to be creative and is required to:

  • Produce a brief outlining the complete curriculum and its supports (technology, method of delivery, grading, etc.)
  • Produce a road map for the introduction and implementation of this curriculum that identifies key milestones and the timeline to achieve
  • Outline tools and materials that will be used to train instructors to administer the curriculum

The application window has closed, thank you to all who applied!

Expected Outcomes and Deliverables

The successful Proponent will provide a complete course curriculum of four or five modules which include but are not limited to Acknowledgements, Gift Accountability and Compliance, Reporting and Recognition. The courses must:

  • Be teachable by an experienced instructor, or appropriate for asynchronous learning
  • Include measurement and/or testing tools, with technology supported by ADRP 
  • Demonstrate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and universal accessibility (geographically, by organization type & size, differing learning styles, etc.)

Toolkit for Instructors

  • The successful Proponent will develop a tool kit for instructors with sample lesson plans for each module. Such toolkit can include items such as lesson plans, student materials, instructor guides, “train the trainer” type materials, and discussion questions.

Curriculum Roadmap

  • The successful Proponent will develop a road map with concrete recommendations for the actual introduction and rolling out of the Fundamentals curriculum and modules, identifying key milestones and the timeline to achieve them.

Timeline of Deliverables

  • Following the award, a meeting and review of the project timeline and scope of work will be scheduled between ADRP project leads and the successful Proponent. All other deliverables are to be determined subsequently and delivered according to a mutually agreed-upon timeline.


The RFP is open to individuals, companies, research institutes, etc. The successful Proponent is expected to have:

  • Substantial experience in the field of donor relations and stewardship
  • Expertise in curriculum development, implementation, and assessment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Demonstrated project management skills, particularly as it relates to complex projects
  • Proven ability to work with cross-functional internal teams as well as outside stakeholders

Mandatory Components

Approach and Methodology

  • Proponent to describe approaches in methodology that demonstrate a comprehension of the services required and the ability to provide such services. Proponents are to include a framework of how they will integrate the stakeholders into the process and gain alignment. Stakeholders include, but are not limited to: Staff, Board, Volunteers and Members.  


  • Proponent to outline the relevant professional background and expertise offered and team bios, if applicable. Proponents are to provide detail on how they developed expertise and knowledge relevant to curriculum development and the scope of this project.

Experience and Proven Ability

  • Proponent to demonstrate proven ability to develop and implement effective and innovative curriculum development including no more than three recent, relevant, and successful summaries of previous work in curriculum development (no more than one page each). The project(s) should be of a similar scope and size as identified in this RFP document. Proponents are to provide 2-3 relevant professional references, including contact name, role, email address and description of completed project(s). 

Work Plan and Timeline

  • Proponent to provide a work plan and timeline to demonstrate how it will achieve the objectives. 


  • Pricing must be in US dollars (USD) and must include all costs associated with the service, excluding taxes. 
  • Prices must be guaranteed for the duration of the contract. 

Proposal Submission and Selection Timeline

  • Deadline for Bidder Questions - 01/31/23
  • Question Response Deadline - 02/07/23
  • Proposal Submission Deadline - 02/21/23
  • Presentations for Short-list Proponents - 03/20/23
  • Anticipated Selection of Bidder - 04/03/23
  • Period for which Proposals are Irrevocable after Proposal Submission Deadline - 120 days


Questions can be submitted directly to the ADRP Office with the subject line "RFP Curriculum Questions". All questions and answers during the RFP period will be communicated by email with the primary contacts. Responses to questions will be distributed to all Proponents, through the Proponent’s primary contact via email, in a timely fashion by February 7, 2023

Rated Criteria

  • Approach & Methodology - 25 pts
  • Qualifications - 20 pts
  • Experience/Proven Ability - 20 pts
  • Work Plan and Timeline - 20 pts
  • Pricing - 15 pts
  • Total - 100 pts 



The application window has closed, thank you to all who applied!

Questions about submitting a proposal or about ADRP may be directed to the ADRP Office.