Renew Your ADRP Membership

New ADRP Membership Structure Now in Effect

ADRP is excited to offer a new membership structure to better align with you and your organization's needs. Now, there are four types of membership for you to choose from, including Individual and Group Membership options. To help you decide which type of membership will be best for you and/or your colleagues, we created this handy frequently asked questions page.

Thank you for continuing to grow with us! If you have any additional questions, please reach out to the ADRP office.

Get Ready for Another Year of Benefits

Are you an Individual Member and received an email from the Association of Donor Relations Professionals saying that you are in your renewal period?
If so, then it's time to renew your ADRP membership! If you haven't received a renewal period email, then hold tight. You can follow the instructions below to renew your individual membership.


Has your membership expired?

If you have let your membership lapse and wish to renew, you will need to refer to one of the reminder emails you would have received prior to expiring or contact the office by emailing [email protected] to request a link to renew. You will not have access to your account once lapsed. You will find the link to renew below the footer of the renewal email.


Are you a Group Member key contact and want to renew your group membership? 

You will only be able to renew through the link you received (below the footer on the renewal email) on your renewal notification, or you can call the office at 206-209-5298 and we can assist with your renewal over the phone.  You will find the link to renew below the footer of the renewal email.

Are You An Individual Member?

These options are available for any individual member who is not part of a Group Membership. Before you renew, check with your organization to see if they are planning to purchase a Group Membership. Anyone that held an "Organizational Membership" prior to the restructure will automatically convert to an Individual Membership unless they are being added to a Group Membership.

Individual Membership: Covers one person, and is owned by that person. If the member leaves their job, the membership remains with the individual no matter who paid for the membership. The price is $185/individual.

To continue with your Individual Membership renewal, review the options and instructions below. If you have lapsed, you will need to email the office to renew.

There are many ways to renew your membership. Choose the option that is best for you:

  1. Renew via your ADRP Profile
    a. Log into your profile.
    b. Select "My Profile" button.
    c. Hover over the "My Profile" menu item and select "Invoices", there you can make a credit card payment online by selecting the invoice number you'd like to pay.
  1. Renew via the link on the invoice you received in your email.
    The link is at the very bottom of the email.

  2. Renew by emailing the ADRP Office to request a link.
    We will send you a direct link to make a credit card payment online.

  3. Renew by calling the ADRP Office at 206-209-5298.
    You can make a credit card payment over the phone.

  4. Renew by sending a check to the ADRP Office with a copy of your invoice.
    a. Make check out to ADRP or Association of Donor Relations Professionals
    b. Mail check to:
         Attn: ADRP
         2150 N 107th Street Suite 330
         Seattle, WA 98133

  5. Complete the Individual Membership renewal form

*Please note, if you have let your membership lapse, you will not be able to complete the online renewal form. Email the ADRP office at [email protected] to renew or refer to a renewal reminder email to access your invoice.

Are You a Current Member and Want to Upgrade to a Group Membership?

If you are a current ADRP Member and want to upgrade to group membership, please contact the ADRP office at [email protected]Please be prepared to provide the following information to upgrade your membership when you contact the office:

  • Which Group Membership Tier would you like to be placed under? 
  • Names and email addresses of who you would like to be linked to the group membership.
  • Name and email address of the Key Contact who will be the person to receive renewal invoices in the future.

ADRP Offers 3 Tiers of Group Memberships:

Small Group: 2 – 5 employees for $800 (flat fee). The price comes out to $160/person with 5 members.

Medium Group: Up to 10 employees for $1,550 (flat fee). The price comes out to $155/person with 10 members.

Large Group: Up to 20 employees for $3,000 (flat fee). The price comes out to $150/person with 20 members.

The Group Membership covers members within the allotted group tier.
 Organizations can transfer membership slots to other employees during their group renewal period or when any employee permanently leaves the organization.