Webinar Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t attend the webinar – will a recording be available?

Yes! All of our webinars are recorded, and the recordings are available at no cost to ADRP members. To receive a link to the recording and handouts shortly after a webinar ends, register for the webinar (even if you can’t attend it live). ADRP members have access to all past webinar recordings.

Handouts are usually made available on the ADRP website ahead of time. They are also distributed to all registered attendees following the presentation.

What do I need to participate?

To participate, you need:

The presentation will begin promptly at the time indicated; unfortunately we cannot wait for late arrivals to join. You will be able to view the session on your screen and listen via your preferred audio source. Download Zoom for a seamless webinar experience. 

How much do ADRP webinars cost?

Current ADRP members may register and attend webinars for no additional charge. Non-members will be charged a $75 fee per session at the time of each individual registration. Non-members who elect to pay for ADRP membership for the year will immediately receive all of the member benefits, including access to the webinar series free of charge.

How long are the webinar sessions?

Each session will include 45 to 50 minutes of presenter content with time enough at the close for Q&A. Sessions are traditionally a total of 60 minutes in length unless otherwise noted on the Webinar calendar.

How do I register for a webinar?

Registration for each webinar is required for participation, and is available online only. Go to the ADRP website, click “Webinars” under the Events tab, and click on the title of the webinar that you’d like to register for. It is a two-part registration process: first, through ADRP to confirm your membership status; and second, through our webinar service provider to prompt your personalized connection and login for the session. Your registration is not complete if you do not receive a system-generated e-mail complete with session login information.

Can my staff or colleagues attend also?

Yes. Other staff members and colleagues may join you at your personal computer screen or through a conference call line and projection set-up depending on your institution’s own resources. ADRP members may only access a single login free of charge. Administrators do monitor and reconcile registrants prior to the start of each Webinar session to confirm active membership status.

How may I make suggestions for future webinar topics?

All feedback and suggestions for future topics may be sent to [email protected].

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