March 24th Webinar

Mission-focused Storytelling: Showcasing a Culture of Philanthropy

Presented on March 24, 2022

Anne Manner-McLarty, President & Lead Donor Recognition Strategist, Heurista
Jessica Vietch, Donor Relations Consultant
Emily Hardy, Administrative Assistant, Heurista

Session Description:

In donor relations, storytelling within the physical environment is used to educate and engage the community and to demonstrate gratitude and impact to your donors. And when done right, storytelling can convey a powerful feeling – creating meaning and a sense of destination and belonging – and pave the way for a powerful future.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Expand the audience for philanthropic storytelling to include all audiences, not just donors.
  2. Learn ways to work collaboratively within your organization to create and maintain storytelling systems.
  3. Identify measures for storytelling success that include awareness, education, and engagement of all audiences.

Presentation Slides
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